15 Awesome Vegetables That Prevent and Cure Cancer

By on April 18, 2015


15 vegetables

It is recommended that at least half of your diet should be raw, organic fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Having these in one servings per day is potent to lower your risk of heart disease among others.. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduce blood pressure as much as any medication does and eating more than 4 servings daily lowers bad cholesterol level.

Fruits and vegetables are the best medicine for preventing cancer. The natural phytonutrients in them fortifies and protect the body against all kinds of cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men (after skin cancer), but it can often be treated successfully. More than 2 million men in the US count themselves as prostate cancer survivors.

Some 35,000 Britons are diagnosed with it each year, and 10,000 die. It is cancer that starts in the prostate gland. The prostate is a small, walnut sized structure that makes up part of a man's reproductive system. It wraps around the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body

Let’s look at the importance of eating a wide variety of vegetables to keep cancer at bay:



Pomegranate is one of the world’s richest sources of antioxidants, it protects the heart and the arterial wall and ensuring proper blood flow to the heart. It arms the body against cardiovascular diseases inhibiting the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Lesions decreased in sizes when patients are fed pomegranate supplements, drinking its juice reduces blood pressure. It is helpful in combating diabetes and pre-diabetes by lowering after meal sugar levels.

The progress of prostate cancer in man who had undergone surgery and radiation for the disease become halted. It fights degeneration of joint tissue which leads to osteoarthritis and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.



Garlic is  used  for  flavoring  in  cooking  and  is unique  because  of   its  high  sulfur  content.  In addition to sulfur, garlic also contains arginine, oligosaccharides,  flavonoids,  and  selenium,  all  of  which may  be  beneficial  to  health. Several  population  studies  show  an  association  between  increased  intake  of   garlic  and  reduced  risk of   certain  cancers-stomach,  colon,  esophagus,  pancreas,  and  breast.

The  European  Prospective  Investigation  into  Cancer  and Nutrition  (EPIC) discovered in a study that higher  intakes  of   onion  and  garlic were associated with  a  reduced  risk  of   intestinal  cancer. Garlic supplies the body with allicin which help stop the spread of cancer in the body.

Garlic contains phytochemicals which inhibits the development of Nitrosamines and carcinogens in the stomach and intestines. These nitrosomines and carcinogens are caused by the consumption of nitrogen present in food preservatives.

Garlic is seen to reduce the risk of certain colon cancer in women by as much as 50%.

Garlic is an anti-inflammatory agent as it fulfils this through phytonutrients it contain such as selenium and tryptophan.



Scientists form john Hopkins hospital in 1997 discovered that 3-day old broccoli sprouts contain 20 to 50 times amount of sulforaphane found in mature broccoli. Sulforaphane is a compound that arms the body against cancer. Broccoli is the only cruciferous vegetable that contain a sizeable amount of sulforaphane.

Eating few teaspoons of this sprouts a day can provide the body with the same amount of chemo-protection needed to combat any type of cancer- breast cancer, liver cancer, lungs cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, and bladder cancer. Broccoli is so easy to grow at home, get sprouting kits here.


Green Tea

Tea  is  composed  of   polyphenols,  alkaloids(theophylline,  and  theobromine),  amino  acids, carbohydrates,  proteins,     chlorophyll,  volatile  organic compounds  (chemicals  that  readily  produce vapors  and  contribute  to  the  odor  of   tea),  fluoride,  aluminum, minerals,  and  trace  elements.

The  polyphenols are  a  large  group  of   plant  chemicals  that  includes  the  catechins  , and are  thought  to  be responsible  for  the  health  benefits  that  have  traditionally  been  attributed  to  green tea. The most  active  and  abundant  catechin  in  green  tea  is  epigallocatechin­3­gallate  (EGCG). green  teas  have  been  shown  to  activate  detoxification  enzymes,  that may  help  protect  against  tumor development.



Carrots contain carotenoids such as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A which the body can use. Carotenoids help fight cancer. Carrots contain powerful ​ cancer busting chemicals. It is discovered that carrots contain the anti­cancer compound falcarinol, which reduced tumors, but falcarinol, like vitamin C and sugar, is soluble and lost when carrots are boiled. So it only reaches the body when carrot is eaten raw.



Studies in US, England, and a few other places showed that capsaicin a metabolic compound found in cayenne pepper and other hot peppers has being shown to cause cancer cells-prostate, pancreatic, lungs- to undergo cellular self-termination called apoptosis. This compound also kills leukemia cells. Red and yellow pepper contain a good quantity of Vitamin C, and it is recommended for cancer patients to consume. A large red pepper contains as much as 250mg of Vitamin C, they are also good sources of carotenoids.

sun flower

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds contain high level of Zinc and Vitamin E. Zinc helps Vitamin C to do perform its function, thereby promoting and accelerating healing time of cancerous cells. It helps in developing healthy prostate. Vitamin E inhibits the growth of cancer cell and protects the immune system against free radicals because of its immune system boosting capacity.


Phytosterols found in walnut is found to inhibit the growth of breast cancer cell by blocking its estrogen receptors. Walnuts are capable keeping off prostate cancer, according to new research. Scientists have found diets rich in the nut, or its oil, slowed tumor growth.. They also reduced cholesterol and increased sensitivity to the hormone insulin which helps prevent diabetes. Walnuts are a 'superfood'  naturally high in a host of health boosting chemicals, including omega­3 fatty acids, and have already been shown to protect against breast cancer and heart disease

Nuts are seen to contain senium, a very powerful cancer growth inhibitor and also enlongate life.


Turmeric plant is a relative of Ginger and has been used for thousands of years in Indian Ayurvedic medicine (the science of long life) as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent to treat infection, inflammation, wound healing, poor digestion, etc.  And as you may know, it is also a staple ingredient in Indian, Persian, Thai, and Malaysian Cuisine.

Turmeric is the business because it contains the powerful cancer fighting polyphenol Curcumin.

Curcumin has been clinically shown to inhibit growth of various cancer cells including: bone cancer, breast cancer, brain tumors, colon, liver, pancreatic, stomach, bladder, kidney, prostate, leukemia, ovarian, melanoma, and more!

One of Curcumin's anti­cancer benefits comes from its ability to induce apoptosis (natural cell death) in cancer cells.

Curry Powder, a common ingredient in Indian and Asian cuisine, is typically a mixture of coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, and red pepper. 



Tomatoes contain lycopene, a carotenoid that gives this juicy fruit its red color. Lycopene is found to inhibit the growth of endometrial cancer cell growth which is responsible for over 8000 death a year. To get the best of lycopene, the tomato must be cooked as the heating process increases the amount of lycopene the body is able to absorb. This strong antioxidant- Lycopene helps to reduce bad fat level in blood stream


Oregano has extremely high levels of antioxidants and antimicrobial compounds.  One teaspoon of oregano has the same antioxidant power (ORAC) of two cups of red grapes!  It contains the phytochemical Quercetin, which is known to slow cancer growth and also promote apoptosis (there’s that word again).  And on top of that Oregano is a good source of Vitamin K and Iron.


Blackberries are the only one among berries packed with very high concentration of a phytonutrient called anthocyanin which slows the growth of premalignant cells. They also keep new blood vessels from forming cancerous tumor. Taking half-cup servings or berry powder a day is good for health.


Green leafy vegetables

Green vegetables are seen to supply the body with a lot of folic acid. Folic acid helps DNA to replicate properly and protect it during radiotherapy. Green vegetables are good source of sulforaphanes which are capable of correcting cancer related defects in genes, they help to survive colorectal cancer.

Green vegetables help to alkalize the body, thus improves the total performance of the immune system.


Grapefruits are high in Vitamin C which helps reduce the risk of cancer of the stomach, colon, esophagus, bladder, breast and cervix. It’s another good source of Vitamin C.


Flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acid which helps to inhibit cancer cell proliferation, going ahead disrupting steps that may induce the growth of tumors in the body. Even though it doesn’t influence the risk of cancer directly, it helps to keep the body strong, fortified and healthy.

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