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23 NON-FOOD FOCUSED ACTIVITIES THAT MAKE YOU SICKReasons why you get sick and you do not know…

All human beings exist and live with pre-determined illnesses, taking their abode in our bodies. Some have issues with their lungs, hearts, esophagus, small intestines, the blood, colon, kidney and cardiovascular system.

These pre-determined diseases will show or present themselves as devastating symptoms when we eat unhealthy foods and adopt unwise lifestyles. The consumption of unhealthy foods and dangerous lifestyles draw us closer daily to subclinical illnesses or total breakdown.

Staying healthy and keeping sicknesses at bay are two things a man can’t afford to miss; you can’t afford to go through life without changing your lifestyle and what goes into your system.

Take care of your diet and lifestyles, and live life to the fullest. For the few times, I have fallen sick, I don’t want a replay of my experiences with sickness.


It’s so easy for you to get sick if you do any of the following. Some are fashionable, makes you popular, and you think most are healthy for you because you are misinformed; misinformed by the so-called health practitioners.

Here are things you do that gets you sick;


1. Stay Out Of The Sun And Always Under The Shade

Health critics say that exposure to UV rays of the sun leads to a high rate of melanoma and some other forms of skin cancer. This is true but not totally. How do I mean?

Just a few of the human population with immune systems that have been compromised by their not consuming the right and adequate healthy fats and other nutrients are susceptible here.

 The only logical reason given is that exposure to sunlight is unhealthy, which is false. The people in different parts of the world that are mostly exposed to sunlight almost throughout the day, every day exhibit the lowest occurrence of skin cancer.

More so, the sun is very vital to health as the human skin makes use of energy from the sun to activate itself and manufacture Vitamin D for the body use.

Vit D is an important hormonal vitamin which helps in strengthening the function of the immune system and absorption of minerals properly.

The reason why it might be unhealthy to expose yourself to the sun is when we consume unhealthy foods.

Healthy foods contain phytochemicals that are easily activated by sunlight. These phytochemicals help to block the harmful effects of UV rays and also helps to produce anti-viral, antibacterial, and anticancer materials.

Phytochemicals help by serving as pest repellants as well.

2. Going to sleep after midnight

Dr. Joseph Mercola asserts that the timing of your sleep affects its quality. He went further to say ‘’ the more hours you can sleep before midnight, the better off you will be ‘’.

Constant sleep loss leads to the development of symptoms of aging and the early stages of diabetes; insulin resistance and memory loss.

 Elmer Josephson says ‘’ authorities tell us that one hour of sleep before midnight is equivalent to four hours afterward”.

It’s best to go to sleep early. Going to sleep early and rising early is the way to go.

Ignore this and you’re on a great way to get sick.

3. Never let people see you sweat

Artificially preventing perspiration is not healthy, due to the fact that perspiration is a natural way of the body to cool itself, and let out various toxins in the process.

Suppressing this natural process in the armpits and other areas block the body’s natural cleansing process, and the natural flow of the lymphatic system is hindered.

Interfering with the lymphatic system and the way it functions increase the chance of developing breast cancer.

It’s discovered that the materials from which antiperspirants are made contain some forms of aluminum, which is seen to be one of the causes of Alzheimer's disease and other neurological problems.

Triclosan (an anti-bacterial) absorbed through the skin is contained in antiperspirants. This poses some risks to the liver.

Moreover, Zirconium based compounds contained in these products are capable of causing underarm granulomas.

4. Take too much vitamins

Using large amounts of vitamins and minerals is an unhealthy, unnatural way of harming the          body, especially taking cheap synthetic and isolated vitamins created in chemical plants which are mainly sold in discount retail stores.

The human body was made to dwell and feed on natural products, and not on artificial products, especially in excess amounts.

Nature has a way of regulating our diet, that’s why it is impossible for a person to consume as much as 2000mg of vitamin C in one day without leading to major colon cleanse.

It’s seen that vitamins and minerals that are not from an organic source are harmful to the body.

The way forward is to consume healthy food and beverages with supplements, which are called homeostatic nutrients. These homeostatic nutrients are rich in vitamins and minerals. They come in balanced form which the body can absorb and make use of.

5. Use common fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. And don’t stop there, drink fluoridated water

Fluoride is very poisonous, especially in salt based form which are the ones contained in toothpastes and mouthwashes. Fluoride is seen to cause concern at low levels than 1/10 of that present in these products.

The continual use ought to be prohibited and processes to remove even the naturally occurring fluoride should be put in place.

It is advised that all should choose non-fluoride dated alternatives for oral hygiene and total safety of the body.

6. Use artificial sweeteners and avoid sugars

Although sugar is bad in its various forms, artificial sweeteners are damn worse. Some artificial sweeteners are downright deadly because they are carcinogenic in nature.

Using them in high volume products such as in soft and diets drinks and sugar-free products is a deadly offense.

Aspartame took the lead among the sweeteners and they are marketed as Nutrasweet or Equal. It’s seen that brain tumors, seizure disorders, hyperactivity in children, and severe headaches are caused by these sweeteners.

Saccharin, on the side of its colleague, is also known to cause cancer cell developments.

Here comes the new-comer- sucralose, which is mainly used in Splenda, but the researchers still remain silent on the harm this can cause. They’re still watching objects i.e. people who will serve as patients to test the effect on, of which you’ll be one if you are not careful.

Take what nature has given you in the natural form for consumption.

Why feed your body and your family with synthetic sugar substitutes? Here are natural sugars

7. Always shower daily but don’t bath

It‘s seen that excessive showering robs the hair and the body of their natural oils. You might even shower in the purest of waters, it just doesn’t matter.

Showering distorts the pH of the body, especially with the use of certain alkaline shampoos and soaps. Combining with those heavy chlorinated water is so hazardous.

The body is intended to be cleansed thoroughly, but gentle cleansing conditions are recommended for the female genital area.

8. Swimming in chlorinated pools and shower and drink all the chlorinated water

Chlorine, a chemical is a very effective bacteria killer, although it’s seen not potent enough to kill some kinds of bacteria these days. Chlorine in its action, kills both friendly and unfriendly bacteria on its way.

 It corrode lead pipes, metals, and harms cells and DNA strands in all living things it comes in contact with.

Water bodies in which chlorine is introduced to, as the chlorine is being added other highly carcinogenic chemicals known as trihalomethanes (THM) are introduced with it.

Chlorinated water is seen to contain elevated THM levels and cancers of the bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, colon, and the brain are all caused by chlorine.

It’s very risky to drink chlorinated tap water. Swimming in chlorinated pools should be discouraged.

Showering in heavily chlorinated water, especially for a long time is very dangerous. As one does so, heat opens the pores on the skin, and higher absorption rate of chlorine into the body through the skin is so very easy.

Exposure to chlorine is seen to cause running fits, a disorder similar to psychiatric disorder in humans and dogs.

9. Stop early or never breastfeed your baby

Not breastfeeding your children makes them prone to trauma and numerous childhood diseases. This makes you pay huge hospital bills later on.

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 25%, and it seems to lower risk of postpartum depression.

Nursing mother's milk contains cells that destroy harmful bacteria in the baby’s system, builds the baby's organs, and helps the system to form antibodies which destroy invading viruses.

The creator’s perfect food for newborns and babies is the milk from the mother. This leads to maternal intimacy between the mother and child.

10. Tattoo your body

Deadly infections and foreign toxic substances are easily introduced into the blood stream and the body through body piercing and tattoos.

Electrical nerve impulses under the skin can be punctured easily during these processes.

So beware!

11. Travel by air often

Spending a lot of time at high attitudes may make an individual to experience problems with infertility and oxygen production/respiration on the body.

It’s discovered that the body can only adjust to high altitudes for a very short time and not for long periods.

Animals dwelling at altitudes of 13K to 14k feet have so much difficulty conceiving and they instinctively return to lower grounds/portions to breed.

12. Be exposed often to electromagnetic energy and waves

 TV sets, microwave ovens, cell phones and media transmission towers to name a few are the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) we run into daily.

 Studies have linked EMFs with leukemia, miscarriages, birth defects, brain and breast cancers, and lymphomas.

Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) scans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and X-rays body scans expose us to high doses of EMFs.

It’s seen that one MRI produces radiation equal to 100 conventional X-rays. Diagnostic tools such as this are seriously deadly when used indiscriminately.

Cellular phones are risky as they pose dangers to brain tissues because of the close proximity of delicate brain tissues to their powerful EMF transmissions.

It’s important to avoid and limit exposure to electric blankets, microwave ovens, hair dryer, TV sets and computers by not getting too close these devices while in use.

Use regular blankets instead of electric ones. It’s important to make sure all appliances and electrical installations in your homework properly, with protective devices and protocols in place.

The various beauty products, cosmetics, hair care products, nail care products, shampoos, soaps, perfumes, shaving lotion, and antibacterial soaps cause harm by destroying the skin’s natural pH.

Dangerous strains are introduced to the body as you use these products.

About 40% of American women use hair coloring products, especially brown and black. Hair products are well linked with increased incidences of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, Hodgkin’s disease, and over 15% of all Hodgkin lymphoma.

Products containing DEA and TEA are to be avoided as most times they contain carcinogenic nitrosamine impurities. A neurotic substance called toluene, which triggers the attack of asthma and causes asthma in previously unaffected people was discovered in every fragrance sample tested by the EPA in the year 1991.

Many of the ingredients used in the manufacture of shampoo break down into formaldehyde, which is a very toxic compound. as much as 800 toxic substances are used in the fragrance industry.

Antibacterial soaps are seen to contain triclosan which poses risk to the liver when absorbed through the skin.

 It is seen that regular soap, enough heated running water and through scrubbing are capable are capable of clean the body with the side effect.

Here are several brands of natural hair coloring products that are relatively safe.

14. Take a lot of medicines

 As a drug cures a particular ailment, it’s weakening some organs and part of the body in the process. It’s seen that much of prescription treat symptoms rather than the cause or the root of these diseases.

Although medicine has its place. It’s been reported that drugs, antibiotics are potent to cause gastrointestinal problems, which is damage to the immune system, liver problems, and may alter enzyme functions.

Aspirin is toxic to the liver and may cause intestinal track bleeding. So taking baby aspirin to prevent heart attack is a very dangerous thing to do.

There are natural alternatives to this, such as taking cold water fish, fruits, and vegetables high in antioxidants. All these foods provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the system, so good for the body.

15. Fill your cavities with silver amalgam fillings

Dental fillings are made primarily of mercury and silver and other metals such as copper, tin, and zinc. Mercury is a very toxic metal which is dangerous to the body.

The medical profession has really avoided using the word mercury when describing the material used in making these fillings. They call it silver amalgam, silver fillings, or amalgam fillings.

Approximately 1 million of these fillings are placed in the mouths of patients in the US daily every week. For more than 160 years, they have been using this. 

Amalgam simply means a metal combined with mercury, so amalgam denotes mercury.

It’s reported that vapors are released from these mercury fillings in the mouth. This can lead to neurological and psychiatric symptoms such as depression, irritability, insomnia, emotional instability, forgetfulness, confusion, and excessive perspiration among others.

There are safer alternative materials in place of these amalgam fillings.

The mercury in these fillings escapes as vapors when chewing, brushing, and whenever these fillings come in contact with hot or acidic foods.

This mercury escapes and finds its way to the liver, kidneys, brain, and endocrine glands where it accumulates, and the accumulation of this toxic matter eventually puts stress on the immune system, polluting the bloodstream, cells, and organs of the body.

It’s important to find a dentist who will fill your cavities with more natural materials.

16. Allow implants of foreign objectives

It’s fashionable these days to wear contact lenses and undergo silicone breast implants.

 It’s been reported by the media as movie stars and ordinary people’s lives have been ruined after receiving implants which burst or hardened within their bodies and inflame nearby tissues.

Contact lense on the other hand, especially the soft lens variety offered for long term wear, pose significant infection risks to the wearers under certain conditions.

Using foreign substances such as this poses a risk to eye health. Proper care must be taken in maintaining them hygienically.

17. Dwell in a toxic home

Many common building materials such as plywood, particle board, treated lumber, adhesives, paints, thinners, insulators, paint strippers, carpets, and carpet pads contain highly toxic materials such as formaldehyde, chloroform, lead vapor, arsenic, and other toxins.

They can escape as gaseous vapors and increase the toxic load of the body. If you and your family members suffer from allergies or unexplained physical symptoms, any of these might be the culprit.

18. Wear synthetic fabrics

Wool and cotton are the natural and ideal clothing for the human body. They are the best because they breathe and are better suited to handle human perspiration while preserving balanced body temperatures in hot or cold climates.

Synthetic fabrics are made from petroleum-based resins and other unnatural means. Care must be taken to ascertain the materials your clothes are made from as conventionally grown cotton is often contaminated with pesticides and chemical dyes.

19. Breathe shallow breaths

 You have two lungs with amazing air capacities. It’s discovered that most use only a tiny fraction of air lung capacity by engaging in shallow breath. This is why we are suffering and paying for this daily.

Children are instinctively belly breathers, but as we grow, we learn to breathe from our chest in short, shallow breaths. We need to breath from the stomach to have deep breathes.

The components of the body (parts and organs) thrive on abundant oxygen. It’s discovered that proper breathing relives stress and lowers blood pressure.

It’s essential you learn how to breathe from the belly or abdomen and not from the chest. It’s important for you to move outward when you take a deep breath or any breath, this shows you are breathing from the diaphragm.

20. Swallow your food without chewing well

Food must be properly chewed for proper digestion to occur. Saliva is released by a reflex signal from the brain, which breaks down carbohydrates as the saliva released contains the enzyme ptyalin (a form of amylase).

After this, parotid glands located behind the ear signals to the thymus gland to produce T-cells to combat toxins or pathogens which may be contained in food substances.

The purpose of the whole process is to deliver food to the stomach in a liquid form; food in liquid form can only be acted on by necessary enzymes in the stomach.

If this is not done, it may lead to digestive problems and undue weight loss. Chewing each mouthful of food for thirty-five to fifty times is the best and this will make the food available in the stomach in the most useable form.

Endeavor to chew your food well, especially when you eat foods high in carbohydrates, such as sugars, grains, and starchy foods.

It’s best to eat while sitting and avoid distractions such as watching TV, arguing, or activities which require concentration.

21. Use popular food wraps, plastic food storage products, and re-use plastic, plastic drinking bottles and containers.

It’s discovered that plastic products release or leach carcinogenic toxins into foods; this toxicity is increased when food contains high water constituent or when the contents are highly acidic.

Water is one of nature’s most effective solvents and it’s effective at drawing out toxins from plastic. It’s seen that plastic food wraps contain residual traces of vinylidene chloride.

Aluminum wraps on their own are very dangerous to use, as some leach into foods they come in contact with.

Researchers have said that repeated washing and use of disposable water bottles may accelerate the breakdown of such plastic, which increases your exposure to harmful chemicals.

If you will re-use plastic bottles, don’t use more than twice.

22. Each only grocery store produce- processed foods treated with pesticides, herbicides, animal hormones and antibiotics, don’t leave out hybridized, irradiated and genetically altered foods.

Herbicides and pesticides make up one of the world’s most deadly classes of chemical compounds. When herbicides or pesticides are applied to kill just one thing, it will probably kill, mutate, or damage a whole lot of other things that are not the primary target.

The problem with herbicides and pesticides is that they tend to stay on the fruit, vegetables or plants they are applied to. The cumulative effect of adding the toxins to water, air, and food accumulate yearly.

Hormones for animal groups are not wiped out when an animal is butchered, prepared for market or cooked. These hormones remain in the meat and go right into your stomach.

They are also found to be transferred to the milk of a cow treated with antibodies.

It’s quantified that one glass of commercial, non-organic milk purchased from the grocery store contains a residue of about 100 antibiotics.

Most meat available in the market are from animals fed antibiotic laden feeds. Poultry matures in days with the help of hormones these days.

The growth hormones are responsible for carrying abnormal early menses of young girls and overabundance of female hormones in young men i.e. female hormones are given to milk cows to increase milk production which is transmitted to young men.

Pesticides are known carcinogens and some of them behave as counterfeit versions of the female hormone estrogen. This counterfeit hormone promotes cancer development by stimulating estrogen receptors in the body.

It’s natural to eat natural fruits and vegetables; all must be organic to be utilize fully by the body.

Hybridized, processed, and genetically modified foods offer many of the similar problems and dangers posed by other forms of radiation.

23. Wear tight clothing

Tight clothes compress and block lymph nodes. Tight under clothing such as bras are not to be encouraged.

The body’s lymph system is very crucial to the immune system as it’s the first line of defense against cancer cells, toxins, viral, and bacterial attacks.

Tight clothing inhibit the lymph system from getting properly cleanse leading to the development of cancer in the body. As a woman, don’t wear bras to bed.

Be aware of these 23 things and made necessary adjustments. I love to always see you around and healthy.


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