31 Anti-aging super foods

By on April 20, 2015

31 anti aging super foods


Nuts are good sources of unsaturated fats. Naturally occurring unsaturated fats are healthy fats. Nuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are great for heart health and they help to lower blood pressure. Nuts are good sources of Vitamin E and calcium.

Calcium is important in ensuring bone strength and prevention of osteoporosis, thus a good anti-aging food. Nuts help you to feel full easily thereby reducing the risk of obesity- they make you less prone to feeling hungry.

Studies have shown those who eat nuts, on average add an extra two and a half years to their life. The common ones used in cuisines are almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and macadamia nuts.



Walnut is considered to be an incredible food, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and has anti-aging effects on the body.A cup of walnuts will provide you about 91% of the daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids, and reduces rate of cholesterol production and eliminate heart diseases.

red lentileRed Lentils

Red lentils are legumes, rich in protein, and contain high fiber nutrients. A cup of lentils provides as much as about 3/4th of the daily requirement. Red lentiles richness in protein and fiber helps you feel fuller without going hungry for a longer time. You can eat them plain or boiled, add lemon to taste.

matchaGreen tea (Matcha green tea)

Green tea contains high proportion of catechin polyphenols. This increases levels of oxidation and thermogenesis in the body. Having adequate intake of green tea a day helps to lose excess body weight.

Green tea is an excellent in guiding against diseases like cancer and high cholesterol. A good example is Matcha green teaoften regarded as the queen of green tea. It is made from finely milled high-grade matcha leaves, which are grown in the shade. Matcha boasts 130 times more anti-oxidants than the common green tea. It helps to boost energy levels, lower stress, improve mood and aid metabolism.

fermented foodFermented foods

Seriously! Fermented foods are naturally rich in beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. They help in keeping digestive processes moving smoothly. This beneficial bacteria protect against malnutrition, support calcium absorption, and improve immune health.

Sexagenarians and older people tend to have far more disease-causing bacteria in their digestive tracts than younger people, this makes them more prone to gastrointestinal troubles. Consuming fermented foods is a natural way to neutralize the pathogenic bacteria by encouraging the growth of the friendly bacteria.

Fermented foods help the body sustain healthy inflammatory balance-another way to help you fight the declines of aging. They are high in B-vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids. Examples of fermented food is yogurt.

KelpGreen leafy vegetable

Green vegetables provides abundant proportion of Phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are chemicals present in plant which protect the body against a wide variety of diseases when taken. Good vision, improved mental health, bone improvement, and improved cardiac movement are some of the instances where the comsumption of green vegetables help.

There are different types of green leafy vegetables. Vegetables such as spinach, collard, and kale are high in lutein-a main component that protects the skin against wrinkles and inflammation caused by the harsh UV rays of the sun.These vegetables contain cancer-fighting antioxidants like beta carotene, Vitamin C, and sulforaphane.  

Green vegetables help eliminate and reduce toxins promote bone health in the body. They protect the body from ailments like type-2 diabetes, hypertension and cancer. 

kale, Kelp, Seaweed, and Hijiki are peculier among sea vegetables, they are high in iodine. They are anti-aging agents protecting the skin and hair, improve thyroid function, and control metabolism. 

brocolliCruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, turnip, radish and broccoli are excellent sources of vitamins and fiber. they fight against cancer and other abnormal body growth.

These class of vegetables contain high concentrations of Sulphur and antioxidants they have antiaging properties that promote a radiant skin.

Broccoli is another dark green, antioxidant rich vegetable in the cruciferous family, with near miraculous powers of healing and disease prevention. it contains the highest amount of isothiocyanates, a cancer-fighting compound, of all the crunchy vegetables. Isothiocynates work by turning on cancer-fighting genes and turning off others that feed the disease.


Maca is a root that belongs to the radish family. It is high in calcium, iron, vitamin-C, and essential amino acids (1, 2, and 3) which earns it the prestigious SUPER FOOD title. Maca has extraordinary rejuvenating powers. It can be a benefit to us as we age to improve energy. It is most commonly available in powder form and grown in the mountains of Peru.

Bee pollen

Bee pollen is a powerful longevity-boosting, anti-aging Super Food. Bee pollen contains all 8 essential amino acids, which is why it makes it such an ideal supplement for vegetarians, replenishing what is normally only supplied by meat and dairy. Amino acids helps to satiate food cravings and help with weight loss. It is rich in over 12 vitamins, almost 30 minerals and a whole range of enzymes and co-enzymes. Bee pollen sparks many of the body’s vital functions, boosting digestion, immunity and hormone levels. Pollen is a complex and nutrition-dense food that supports vibrant health – especially for vegetarians. One common use for bee pollen is as a stimulant – bee pollen can give a strong pop of energy for mid-day slumps because of its high levels of B vitamins.


One of the most amazing properties of Cacao Beans is their high content of antioxidants. These antioxidants have flavonoids responsible for fighting and preventing free radical damage. The incredible power of Cacao Beans can slow down aging and significantly strengthen your immunity.

Cacao is the source of the most powerful antioxidants and so great for your skin as it boosts collagen protection. Raw Cacao Beans contain more than 320 various antioxidants. No other product in the world can be compared to it. These antioxidants fight free radicals in our body and protect against viral and bacterial infections. It is proven that it is the formation of large quantities of free radicals that often cause many diseases, including cancer. The levels of antioxidants in our body are directly connected with our biological age and life expectancy.

Raw Cacao also contains polyphenols, which are some of the most powerful antioxidants and have the ability to break down fat and reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. The anti-oxidative effect of polyphenols is much stronger than that of most common antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

hemp seedsHemp seeds

They are great for your skin and help improve firmness and radiance. They happen to be the only edible source of gamma-linoleic-acid (GLA), an anti-inflammatory of omega-6 fat that forms part of the membrane which surrounds skin cells.

Hemp seeds contain protein that aids in synthesizing collagen and elastin, keeping skin firm and supple.

It is recommended to eat Hemp Seeds raw as heat will destroy their delicate oils

wheatWhole grains

There’s a marked difference between whole grains and refined grains. The former contains the cereal germ, endosperm and bran of the cereal grain, whereas the latter only retains the endosperm. Examples of whole grains include wheat, brown rice, oat, barley and quinoa. Processed versions would feature whole wheat flour or bread and quinoa pasta.

Whole grains contain a lot of fiber. Fiber lowers the levels of bad cholesterol – good cholesterol is labelled as HDL while bad cholesterol is known as LDL – and fats. Because whole grains are complex carbohydrates and usually have a low glycemic index (as compared to refined grains), they take a longer time to digest. What this means is that it helps to control your appetite by providing a slow and steady supply of energy to your body. You don’t feel hungry easily and as such don’t risk over-eating (and putting on the extra pounds).

Whole grains are a good source of antioxidants, anthocyanins and B vitamins. In simpler terms, these nutrients have a positive influence on overall health and reduce the risk of certain diseases such as pancreatic cancer. Whole grains play a role in maintaining the stability of blood sugar levels.

whea proteinWhey protein

Whey protein is a supplement, it has been shown to increase the rate at which the body's stores antioxidant glutathione (GSH). Glutathione is known to increase the integrity of telomeres. Telomeres are bundles of DNA found in every cell, and they shorten with age.

Researchers suspect telomeres shorten due to damage by free radicals. Free radicals play a role in DNA mutations, and there is evidence that mutations in your telomeres can cause larger chunks than normal to be lost during cell division.

Low levels of GSH are always found in people with oxidative stress-related diseases like cancer and AIDS. Further, as glutathione levels drop, these patients get sicker. Whey protein helps in telomere lengthening, an exciting method that in REVERSE aging.

eggRaw organic Eggs

Eggs are another super food. Research has ended the debate — there is no link between egg consumption and heart disease.

A single egg contains nine essential amino acids and naturally occurring vitamin D among others.

However, it's critical to understand that not all eggs are created equal. There is a major nutritional difference between TRUE free-range chicken eggs and commercially farmed eggs. Free-range chickens as those with access to the outside. True free-range eggs are from free range chickens which consume natural, nutrient-dense diet of seeds, green plants, insects and worms.

dard chocolateDark Chocolate

Dark chocolate help combat signs of aging.

It is rich in flavonoids. Chocolate encourages circulatory health, by lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension, boosts brainpower and prevents platelets from clumping together. Dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content improve the skin and protect against sun damage. Flavones contained encourage our body vessels to relax and function well


Honey has vitamins B6, vitamin C, and thiamin and is also rich in anti-oxidant. Research has also proved that honey may help you fight with memory problems.


Soymilk, tofu and Edamame are great sources of protein. Since they are low in saturated fats, they keep cholesterol levels under check, apart from preventing heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

Soy relieves hot flushes and helps maintain estrogen levels in menopausal women.

Olive oil



Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (healthy dietary fat). It can lower risk of heart disease by lowering total cholesterol and LDL levels. It controls insulin levels and blood sugar control. Extra virgin and virgin types contain more polyphenols, which may benefit the heart.

Multiple studies have shown that monounsaturated fats in olive oil are largely responsible for the low rates of heart disease and cancer.

red berriesBerries

Berries are powerful antioxidants, which protect the body from harmful free radicals and natural aging.

The vitamin C content in berries helps combat aging by facilitating circulatory health and by providing the required essential minerals and salts. They are Rich in potassium, they prevent fluid retention and give a smooth flawless complexion.


Blueberry known for its powerful anti-inflammatory property helps you keep your body’s cells away from aging, also, skin looks young and wrinkles free. Also, it reduces the risks of several other problems like arthritis and vision problems. They are full of antioxidants which help your body neutralize free radicals, molecules that can harm brain cells and brain function.


Garlic prevents cell degeneration and is an effective blood thinner. It prevents cancer and heart diseases, garlic acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that flush the heavy metals from the body, thus imparting a healthy glow to the skin.

The component of garlic, allicin, which causes the familiar strong smell and flavor, is actually an extremely effective antioxidant. As allicin digests in your body it produces sulfenic acid, a compound that reacts faster with dangerous free radicals than any other known compound.

Garlic is also a triple threat against infections due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is effective at killing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, fighting yeast infections, viruses and parasites.

Garlic helps relax and enlarge the blood vessels in your body, improving blood flow, especially to your heart. This can help prevent conditions like high blood pressure and life-threatening events such as a heart attack or stroke. Garlic also inhibits the formation of plaques in your arteries, and prevents cholesterol from becoming oxidized, a condition that may contribute to heart disease.


The 50 powerful antioxidants in ginger help reduce the harmful effects of the free radicals in the body. The strong compounds of phenol like gingerols and shogaols, found in ginger reverse the aging process.

It protects the skin from the harsh environmental pollutants and the UV rays of the sun, which is mainly responsible for age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. Ginger promotes digestive and circulatory health and acts as an effective remedy for joint pains, bacterial and viral infections.


The creamy rich avocado has loads of essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, B, D and E. Vitamin E in avocados combats premature aging by minimizing wrinkles and fine lines imparting a healthy glow.

Due to the high content of folate, they play a vital role in skin cell regeneration and give a youthful glowing complexion. The oils in avocado tightens, hydrates, removes dirt and grime from the skin. It is also an excellent remedy for red spots and sensitive skin.


Chlorella is a single-celled fresh water algae plant, is often referred to as a near-perfect food.

It has  a LOT  of health benefits-Boosting your immune system, improve digestion, especially constipation, enhances your ability to focus and concentrate, increase energy levels, balancing body pH, normalize blood sugar and blood pressure, reduce your cancer risk, and freshening the breath. It help rid the body of heavy metal toxins.

Most people are being harmed in some way by heavy metals in their body. If you've received a vaccine, had silver fillings in your teeth, or eaten fish, it's highly likely you have some level of metal poisoning which is compromising your health.

Chlorella plays a particularly crucial role in systemic mercury elimination because the majority of mercury is expelled through stool. Once the mercury burden is lowered from your intestines, mercury from other body tissues will more readily migrate into the intestines — where chlorella will work to remove it.


Fresh and saltwater fish are high in omega-3 fats, which help prevent cholesterol buildup and abnormal heart rhythms. The best choices are mackerel, lake trout, and herring among others.

Wild Salmon is rich in indigestible, quality protein. Salmon is in addition to this great source of omega three fatty acids too and is has anti-inflammatory properties. The pink color in salmon is due to the pigment Astaxanthin, which fight against free radicals that damage the DNA and the cell membranes that cause aging. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fats and protein, they help against sun damage.


Being rich in nutrients i.e. iron, calcium (some of the essential minerals), helps your body to fight with osteoporosis. Amaranth may be a substitute for any grain, and you can eat it as a complement to your meal.


Lycopene present in tomato acts as natural sun ray blocker and also prevents from the harmful UV rays causing sun spots and wrinkles. The protein in tomato keeps skin supple. Eating some tomatoes, in the form of tomato juice daily helps reducing aging.


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