Stop: These Foods Are Killing You

By on April 9, 2015

junk foods killing you

Seeing consistent acne and related skin breakouts? Your food might be responsible for it.

Epidemics such as Obesity and other diseases are caused by food, these are common food we consume day by day. It is seen that man-made foods such as processed foods, fast food, sugars and some fats are the real cause of most diseases in man. Here are the dead foods to avoid:

Processed food

Most times processed foods have been over processed before they find their way to our shelves at home. Life has been sucked out of them has they are produced under very high temperature, bleached of other useful nutrients and thereafter, man-made chemicals are added to increase shelf life, give fascinating color to it to name a few. White bread, crackers and chips have been over processed and when consumed they add no value to the body because their composition is not useful for the body, they just cause constipation. Processed for are not healthy and contain a lot of calories, processing food doesn’t make food healthier, but saps the food of useful nutrients. They are loaded with toxic fats, depleted and bleached- flours, sugar, salt, additives, and different colors.

More than 60% of an American’s diet is junk food

The process of producing processed foods strips them of valuable vitamins, fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants. Most contain little useful nutrients if it contains at all, difficult to digest, thereby raising blood sugar, and weight gain, and making the body susceptible to diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and hypertension. Processed foods are very sweet and additive, packed in fascinating packages and tempting.

The most commonly consume foods are soft drinks, white bread, cereals and milk.

Wondering what or how to replace these junks killing you gradually? Please read on…

Foods that contain too much chemicals

It so easy for chemicals to find their way into our food through the application of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals used to grow crops and raise animals nonorganically.  Chemicals such as herbicides are absorbed by plants through the root, and they get stored in different parts of the plant, and finally are absorbed into our body system. Pesticides are absorbed in the intestinal tract form animals feed, some of these not detoxified by the liver of animals are deposited in fatty tissues, when the meat are consumed, these chemicals get absorbed into our fatty tissue. These chemicals do not disintegrate as such

Most processed foods contain a lot of harmful chemicals commonly called additives, they are produced commonly from petroleum products. Flavoring agents, chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes, emulsifiers, bleaching agents, are just a few of this additives. Due to the harmful nature of these chemicals, the use of some have been banned in Germany-chloride oxide (a bleaching agent) and United States (DDT).

With the amount of harm these foods do coupled with the fact that they are culpable in the breakout of acne and other skin conditions, NO ONE should be touching these foods anymore!

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Foods that contain MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a dangerous and most common ingredient in processed foods. MSG looks like salt or sugar but it doesn’t taste like either, it doesn’t alter the taste of food at all. Its purpose is just to enhance the sensitivity of taste buds. Apart from being hidden in processed foods, it is an ingredient in most foods served in restaurants such as sausage, grilled chicken fillet, fried chicken products and so on. Research as shown that MSG causes obesity (a common demon after our health today), and excitotoxicity (a situation where nerve cells are damaged or killed by excessive stimulation by neurotransmitters such as glutamate).

The target of MSG is the hypothalamus which controls appetite. A damaged hypothalamus leads to a lot of problems, it causes the pancreas to produce excess insulin making the blood sugar drop in the process thereby making you hungry, this is the reason why a lot feel hungry a few hours after eating when consumed in food(this process is called runaway appetite).

Note: MSG is not named MSG on food labels, they take a lot of name in other ingredients such as soy protein isolate, yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable, autolyzed yeast to name a few.

High sugar foods and beverages

high sugar beveragesThe three naturally occurring sugars are glucose, fructose and sucrose, they are found in vegetables, fruits and honey. Glucose is the simplest form which is utilized by the body. Fructose undergoes a slow conversion process to glucose for it to be useable for the body. Sucrose contains equal amount of glucose and fructose, which must be completely converted to glucose for it to be absorbed into the blood stream. Glucose is the only form of sugar our body can readily use. A common source of glucose and fructose is honey, and maple syrup, dates and sugar cane contain sucrose.

The ingredient labels on food products shows that sugar or salt or both are in almost all manufactured food products. Without sugar, food manufacturers will be unable to sell their products because our taste buds will reject these dead, devitalized, and toxic food products. Today, sugar and salt have found their way into toothpastes, mouthwash, tobacco and chewing gum.

We become very addictive to sugar, and these addiction starts from infancy.  The Sugar is being added to an infant’s formula so that the baby will drink the unnatural substance, this changes the baby’s taste buds and as such the formula is not rejected.

More so, the breakfast cereals we have access to contain as much as 50% excess sugar, ice cream contains as much as 33% sugar, a bottle of soft drink or cola contains 8 to 11 teaspoons of sugar, and these are just few of all we consume daily. In recent years, the rate of consumption of sugar has drastically increased making us a nation of sugar addicts. The manufacturers have so much deceived us by substituting concentrated refined sugar for sweet fruits and we accept all these without questioning.

Foods that contain artificial sweeteners

processed sugarA lot of information on food packs are false, don’t be fooled when you see “sugar free” or “diet”. Along the way artificial sweeteners have been added to make up for the sugar that was removed in the process of manufacturing. Try reading the label of the next loaf of bread you buy and you will see the number of additives added. Don’t stop there, to really know the amount of added, check out the composition of all ingredients used in making the bread, which is the big picture.

 Almost all products contain artificial sweeteners fruit juice, toothpaste, mouthwash, and candies to name a few. Check your refrigerator and read the labels of just 5 of the items you have there and see the level of artificial sweeteners added. All these products are sort of bitter after manufacturing, so to get people to be able to eat and consume them they add sweeteners along the way. Most these are toxic chemicals  cannot all be detoxified by the kidney, if the weight is too much the kidney may shut down, even if it didn’t shut down it gets overworked and do the little it can and the rest of these toxins must be stored, and the fatty tissue becomes the bank.

White flour

Effects of refined sugar on human healthRefined flour products are poor choices for food. Sandwich made with white bread are being consumed on a daily basis. White flour products such as white bread are have little to no nutritional value even though artificial vitamins and minerals (chemicals) are added and then tagged enriched products. They are purely "disenriched" if you will permit me to use that word. This food gets converted as quickly as possible to sugar. It is discovered that by just switching the diet of diabetic patients form white bread to whole grain bread, their cholesterol and blood sugars almost always go down.

As you check for the ingredients used in flour products, any not labeled “whole wheat or whole grain” is refined white flour. Do not be deceived by the brown color of some products. All flour products start out as whole grain, the manufacturer then separates the outer shell of the grain and other high fiber and vitamins, these are called wheat bran and germ, they are then repackaged and sold as health products in health stores at high prices. Wheat bran is removed because it clog the machine used for flour processing.

 The bran and germ make up more than 80% of the wheat’s nutrients. The white bread is made from the grain head which is the starchy endosperm containing 20% nutrient. These is then subjected to extreme temperatures which denatures it and destroys the remaining nutrients, resulting in a grayish material. Because people won’t buy gray flour, the manufacturer bleaches it to white. Then low grade vitamins, minerals, sugars and other food additives are added, these are then marketed as healthy products. We are all being fooled.

Processed meat

process meatIt is proven that groups which observe dietary laws live longer and healthier than their counterparts. Members of these groups are vegetarians and they consume little to no meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. One of such group are the Adventists, they live longer and have lowest incidences of heart diseases and cancer. Being a vegetarian especially practicing total vegetarianism, eating no egg, fish meat or dairy products and concentrating on vegetables is very good for our health. Our digestive system is not designed to consume a lot of flesh but plants, which is why it takes a lot of hours and effort on our digestive system to digest flesh when consumed.

I is advisable for us as humans to limit the amount of flesh we consume even if we can’t go all the way with vegetarianism. Meat high in saturated fats are associated with high cholesterol level and heart diseases. Some contain lots of nitrites and nitrates which are the cause of cancer of the bladder, stomach and a whole lot of other diseases. The elements made it hard for the body system to work properly, depriving it of the required oxygen to breakdown food as they combine with oxygen to form harmful substances.

Now that you are more knowledgeable than the person next to you, would you want to learn how to replace these life-sapping foods with living food elements that will turn you into an absolutely healthy, acne-free person, energetic and sickness-free people within the next few weeks? Join me on my 100% free webinar where I reveal to you the secrets to replacing your food and how to do it. In addition, I will throw in tips to help you become more beautiful, a lot more sexier and while at it, you will lose a bit of weight! Interested?
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