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Tim is a former acne sufferer. He suffered from acne for years until he cracked the acne code and now, he is passionate about teaching people how to get rid of acne permanently in the most natural way. He wants to help you restore the lost beauty, lost confidence and get you on the path to an awesome living.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How to get rid of acne forever

  • The chief acne aggravating factors - not what you think

  • The number one cause of acne in women

  • What kind of soaps and fragrance to use if you're acne prone

  • How to make sure you never have another breakout again

  • Step-by-step guide to exfoliating

  • 7 things you should never do if you have acne

  • 3 products that must stop touching your body if you're acne prone

  • The reason why some people have acne and some don't despite similar lifestyles

  • Why some people have breakouts after taking Accutane

  • My personal story on how I finally defeated acne

  • On this show, you will also discover 3 simple steps to ease the pain of acne

  • I will reveal the SINGLE biggest mistake every acne sufferer makes

  • Finally, I will show you a snippet of the best natural way to combat acne on all fronts.