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By on March 30, 2015

Everyman is placed on this earth to be healthy and live healthy. Man is not here to be feeble, anemic, sick, and helpless, man is to live disease free, maximum healthy, and in abundance. The body ought to be free of all toxic materials and be cleansed through a natural process, so we must be care full not to pollute our bodies by eating too much food, especially the wrong or dead foods.

Eating some kind of food for less than 30 days have the power to spoil the body system, adding excess weight, increasing cholesterol level, jumping body fat to high heights. Mood swings, and high blood pressure will not be left out.

It is cheaper to choose to eat healthy in the long run!

If everyone around you eats bad food and you feel they look plumb and fine, think twice, consider that maybe they are unhealthy, in the process of becoming overweight, and disease-prone.

You shouldn’t give up on your health even if you are tired of trying everything! The good news is you are not alone, when it comes to food,- moderation, portion control, self-resistant and choosing the right foods are the way to go, making these positive changes to your diet will have a real and lasting effect on your health and wellbeing.

6 Reasons Why We Choose and Eat the Wrong Food

The causes of unhealthy and wrong eating habits are numerous. Some of these causes are biological, while some are psychological in nature.A lot of people have reasons for their unhealthy food choices. Lets dive in to these 7 causes mentioned below:

  1. Regional/ethnic cooking habits: some of us are raised on regional/ethnic cooking habits that isn’t always healthy. This is one of the main habit to eat bad foods, most who are affected here may not know and accept they have developed bad eating habits because that is the way they are brought up and lived all their lives.
  2. Convenience: it is so convenient to develop bad eating habits and eat bad foods these days. All through our environment its so easy to eat bad food because almost all our restaurants are not serving healthy foods to the general populace, more so, passing on these bad food is a war.
  3. It’s a dangerous cycle: people fall into the habit of eating sugar, and the cycle perpetuates itself, for instance, when you eat a doughnut, you get a sugar rush, and several hours later the sugar level drops and you crave a sweet or starchy food again.
  4. Hormones: the human hormones made bad foods look good. As our hormone level fluctuates during pregnancy, PMS, and menopause sometimes makes women to crave sweets and chocolates.


    Everyman is placed on this earth to be healthy and live healthy

  5. It’s comforting: it’s comforting to eat bad foods. It is reported that stress elevates cortisol which results in cravings. This cravings is the cause of emotional eating. When we get stressed, depressed, anxious, or just low in serotonin and dopamine, we often tend towards foods that make us feel good but not healthy such as junk foods, processed foods, and foods high in sugar. These are all unhealthy food choices.
  6. Friends and association: social proof is a huge factor when one hangs out with workers and get acquainted with lazy friends to eat junk food all the time. It is hard to let go of our friends even though their influence on our diet is killing you, making you fat and unhappy.

It is important we monitor and restrict calories we take in foods to live longer. Research overtime has shown that low-calorie and optimal nutrition diet can extend life by as much as 50%. Choices of bad and unhealthy foods are responsible for diabetes and a lot of other diseases. Diabetes is on the rise among us, as much as more than 30% of us are overweight or diabetic or having impaired fasting glucose known as prediabeties!


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