4 Under looked Things Causing Acne Breakout

By on April 8, 2015


4 most under looked things you do on a daily basis that is causing more acne breakouts and worsening your acne conditions – and what you can do about them today.

In this short report, I am going to reveal to you, from my personal experience and working with hundreds of people from different countries of the world, 4 of the most harmful things you are doing to aggravate your acne.

You will agree with me that Acne is an emotional depressing condition. I know because I have been there, I know the feeling. I suffered for the better part of 7 years so it’s not new to me. Literally, acne demoralized me, rendered me almost useless until I discovered that everything I knew about this condition was wrong.

At one point or the other, we all have been guilty of these seemingly harmless but vastly devastating things we do.

I should start by saying this “the cure to acne is in understanding the cause, creating an environment where the cause is no longer there and then taking active steps to rectify and correct the damage done”.

After 7 years of suffering and finally curing acne, it is only natural for me to know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re ready to ride on with me, let’s roll. It will be a fun ride, I promise.

Acne is generally caused by imbalance in the body’s eco-system. That’s the ROOT cause of this condition. The problem is, our doctors don’t actually tell us how to nail it down. I don’t blame them, I blame the big pharmaceutical companies who pressure them to recommend stuffs to us just because they know we believe them. In my case, I tried everything recommended. My doctor assured me I was fine as long as I kept taking my prescriptions and using the screams he recommended.

My acne wasn’t those that get cured by using hydrogen peroxide and Accutane. I had a more serious type which was deep rooted in the things I do, eat and live in. In short, my ecosystem was so GOOD a breeding ground for acne.

That said, let’s examine what acne thrives on and how to cut it out from WITHIN.

I should let you know this, what you are about to discover is coming from 7 years’ experience as well as helping hundreds of people. In addition, I was obtained “proof” from sources you will and should believe instead.

Right, let’s go.

One of the biggest acne aggravator is…

White Sugar – the truth is, there is something about sugar that is killing us. This is not a function of whether you and I are acne prone or not. It is a fact. Sugar is one of the biggest culprit for most health conditions in the world. I mean, it ranges from diabetes to fat to acne to skin disorder to migraine and everything in between. The worse thing is, more sugar finds its way into our food on a daily basis! The more the glamour for less sugar, the more sugar finds its way into our lives.

In my case, my BIGGEST aggravator was sugar. It is worth noting that this depends on you, your lifestyle and your eating habits. It was just a perfect aggravator for me because I had lots of sugar in my blood stream in the first place.

The more sugar I consumed on a daily basis, the more terrible breakouts I had. The more I ate, the more I suffered – and I didn’t know! Ultimately, all our foods get converted into sugar in one form or the other so…it’s pretty easy to fall a victim. If you have consistent breakouts, you want to check this out.

Now for some proof?


Somehow you will trust them right? This is what they said…but before that, evidence already suggested that sugar and generally diet was a culprit – evidence dating back to 50 years BUT, you know what? Our doctors discarded this evidence. They went ahead to veto the fact that there is absolutely no link between our diet and acne but, here is what American Academy of Dermatology had to say:


Cool, so you can see for yourself what the “gurus” are saying.

Here is what a mainstream tabloid newspaper had to say:


I cleaned off the first word for a reason and I am going to reveal it soon. So even the mainstream have caught us with this. The question is, has your doctor caught up with this yet?

It will surprise you that in my research, I discovered again, from hundreds of pages of research and countless hours of research that there are in fact, about 21 acne aggravators known to man. Funny?

Before I found this out, I noticed I would eat some stuffs, I will have heavy breakouts – so bad they are so bad heheJ. Then I will eat some other stuffs and I will be fine and then I will take something and I will have breakouts again. At first, I imagined it was a coincidence. Eventually, I discovered it was NOT.

Want to discover another aggravator?

Milk! Yes, Milk!



The most painful thing is, these are foods recommended to us on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, milk is good. Can’t say the same of sugar but the point is, with acne, you can NEVER be too sure what’s aggravating yours. Because your doctors don’t even mention “diet” during their counseling, they treat the wrong thing.

Why science behind why sugar and milk among other things aggravate acne is beyond what I want to cover here BUT do you want to believe me or you want to spend more time researching while you continue in your acne pains?

The next thing you should be paying attention to is your;

Sleep pattern: Interestingly, your sleep pattern affects or plays a role in your breakouts. I know it did in my case and science has actually proven this to be correct. That is why I keep saying this; “you don’t need to sweat out doing the hard work when someone else has taken the risk of doing it for you”.

For example, do you need to try out all 21 possible acne aggravators when I have already suffered from them, researched them and found a solution to them?

See? It’s important I show you proofs anyway. It is important to understand that this isn’t some fairy tale concocted from some moonlight, under the tree fables.

One of the leading authority on medical health website said this about sleep;


The number tip on reducing breakout on that authoritative website is SLEEP. Wow! Who could have thought sleep plays a role? Huh?

Do you want to know more about the other 21 food related acne aggravators? I am inviting you to a special webinar where I and a nutritionist will dissect this topic in its entirety. On the webinar, we will reveal to you how to get rid of acne within 60 days, look more beautiful and have a sexier body. In fact, as a result of what you will learn, you will even be able to lose some serious body fats – if you want!

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Finally, the last aggravator we will be looking at in this report is;

Carbohydrates and Blood Sugar – I have discussed sugar in the beginning but the question is, what is the role of carbohydrate in increasing blood sugar which invariably increases the likelihood of a breakout?

Without going into the science of food decomposition, we already have evidence linking carbohydrates to increased blood sugar. Here is one such from Harvard University.


Now, the problem starts when sugar is produced in EXCESS. This is what forms the foundation for hormonal changes which also aids Acne development, this is also the basis for diabetes, fat and everything in between. That is why we have to pay serious attention to this.

More importantly, carbohydrate is needed in the body, it is essential and when taken right, it is highly nutritious and rewarding. For an acne prone person, know WHAT kind of carbohydrate to take to avoid breakouts is KEY.

Now, imagine if you are invited to a 100% FREE session with someone who experienced what you experienced, someone who had made the mistakes you made and someone who did all, experienced all and has now won the BATTLE against acne – will that be worth your time?

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If that’s a YES,

Will you want to discover all the acne aggravators? After that, do you think it will do you any good to understand other CAUSATIVE factors forming the breeding ground for your acne breakout?

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