July 12, 2024

Apart from the fact that snoring could cause or be a sign of underlying medical condition, it could be quite embarrassing and frustrating too. Embarrassing for the person who snores and frustrating for their bed partners. The loud, wood cutters like sound you produce during your sleep won’t allow your bed partner to get a good sleep and snoring in itself disrupts your sleep pattern all through the night. But it doesn’t end there. There are more sinister facts to snoring most of which you might not be aware of. But first, think about the way you feel when you wake up every morning:

  1. The heaviness in your head,
  2. The headache,
  3. Feeling heavy as if your legs are carrying double your own weight,
  4. Not feeling well rested after waking up in the morning,
  5. The daytime tiredness and sleepiness,
  6. A negative change in your memory, attention and concentration at work or in class.
  7. You feel moody, irritable or depressed.
  8. Or your experience during the night:
  • waking up from sleep at night and feeling confused,
  • on your breathing while sleeping,
  • choking or gasping for breath while you sleep
  • sometimes having to wake up more than twice to use the bathroom (sign of serious nocturia caused by snoring)

These are all as a result of the fact that your body wasn’t getting enough oxygen when you were sleeping and this makes you feel like you didn’t sleep at all.

Snoring has a way of affecting one’s self-esteem and confidence. How do you feel when your bed partner or roommate taps you several times during the night and tells you to sleep well?

Or when situation demands that you sleep over at a friend’s place. Think about how you will feel when you know fully well that the vibrating, rattling, noisy sound of your breathing while sleeping is enough to make them have nightmares?

Don’t you feel guilty when you are snoring away on the bed but keeping your partner awake almost all night because your snoring noise couldn’t allow them to sleep? Your sleeping partners constantly have to put up with you as you deprive them of their much needed rest every night.

Or how do you feel when you wake up in the morning every day and having to face your sleep partner to ask how bad your snoring was the other night. That’s humiliating. Right? What’s even more humiliating is if they look you in the eyes and tell you it was very bad.

What could be worse is if the embarrassment of your snoring leaks out of the privacy of your home into your social relationship where you have friends and peers who like to joke about everything. Once they know you are a snorer, you are gone!

All these things can be quite humiliating and can do a lot of psychological damage.

Snoring alone is capable of stressing a relationship to a breaking point, or at least reduce the intimacy significantly especially for couples.

As a person who has a snorer as a sleeping partner, you will know exactly how frustrating this is. They keep snoring away while you have to put up with their snoring noise, probably keeping you awake for the most part of the night. And by morning, you don’t feel refreshed. If you are an understanding partner and you don’t constantly want to hurt the feelings of your snoring partner and at the same tie you want to enjoy a better night rest, you might decide to move into a different room which could be the beginning of the nosedive in your relationship. A study was conducted in America and it was reported in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings. It showed that each night, bed partners got an extra hour of deep sleep when snoring was eliminated. – It’s amazing what huge amount of good sleep snoring deprives you and your bed partner of every night!

Now, let’s say you live alone, you don’t have sleep partners, and you rarely have any friends that could make jest of you if they found out that you snore, do you know that snoring can affect your health in serious ways? They can either be a sign of serious underlying health problems, or they can actually cause serious health issues in the long run.

Snoring significantly increases your risk of serious health problems such as Obstructive sleep apnea which creates several problems that includes:

Breathing interruptions during sleep which can last from a few seconds to few minutes. This happens when the airway is partially or totally obstructed or blocked during sleep.

Frequently waking up from sleep without realizing it. And even if you do realize it, this pattern of constantly waking up during the night interrupts the natural sleep pattern which causes you to spend more time in the light sleep phase instead of enjoying the deep refreshing sleeping phase.

Sleep apnea results in poor night sleep, which could lead to feeling of tiredness and drowsiness during the day and can interfere with the quality of your waking life, your productivity and might even the risk of car accidents if you are driving.

Because prolonged sleep apnea causes a greater strain on the heart, it could lead to high blood pressure which may cause the heart to enlarge and increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack

What is snoring?

I am sure you already know what snoring is. (It is simply the noisy breathing during sleep) but I am sure you might not know exactly what causes it.

If you are presently a snorer, you are not alone. As over half the world’s population snore at one point in their lives or the other.

There are basically two types of snorers:

  • The occasional snorers: they snore only certain periods which may be linked to stress from a hectic day, late night meals, temporary weight gain, poor sleep position and things like that.
  • The regular snorers: they snore on constant basis irrespective of what is going on in their lives or their sleep positions.

About 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women snore on regular basis.

In America alone, Over 90 million adults snore and over 37 million of those are regular snorers. A greater percentage of these people are males and people who are overweight. The bad news is that; snoring gets worse with age. But there is a good news too! – You can completely stop snoring forever from this very night! Read on to find out how.

Snoring Process


When you sleep, all your muscles, including the muscles of your throat relax causing your tongue to fall backwards and making the airway in the throat to become narrow. This makes it difficult for air to pass through and then the walls of your throat begin to vibrate every time you breathe which produces the snoring sound. The narrower this airway becomes, the grater the vibration gets and the louder the snoring sound. In some occasions, the airway will get completely blocked such that air will not be able to pass through and this causes a breathing cessation called apnea which can cause a serious health threat if something isn’t done about it. Sleeping on your back makes it more likely for you to snore.

The following are the causes of snoring:

Genetic factors: large adenoids, enlarged tonsils, nasal polyps, long uvula or long, soft palate are some of the genetic factors that can cause snoring.

Obesity and pregnancy: people who are pregnant, obese or overweight often have extra bulky tissue in their throat. This extra tissue vibrates as they breathe during their sleep.

Nasal congestion, anatomical abnormalities and allergies : virtually anything that stops you from breathing well through your nose can make you snore during your sleep. It could be as a result of allergies, a congestion you have as a result of cold or flu, or a deviated septum or other deformity of the nose.

Sleep positions : sleep positions such as sleeping on your back increases your chances of snoring.

Medications, alcohol, smoking, aging, muscle relaxants, etc. : Snoring results when the muscles in your throat are relaxed. Substances such as muscle relaxants, sedatives, sleeping pills and some other medications and alcohol. In addition to this, aging increases the risk factor of snoring as it causes your throat muscles to be more relaxed.

Health conditions associated with snoring

Your chances of having a stroke increase the longer and louder you snore when you sleep every night. A sleep study found out that snoring intensity is related to having carotid atherosclerosis which is the narrowing of the arteries of the neck due to the deposits of fats called plaque. You need to seek a solution to stop your snoring problem if you have a high blood pressure, or you constantly feel sleepy during the day or you notice (or your bed partner tell you) that your breathing stops in your sleep – a sign of sleep apnea, or if you have other health issues that may be linked to snoring.

Heart disease

Sleep apnea puts a strain on the heart and this links it to   several cardiovascular problems like coronary artery disease and high blood pressure which may eventually lead to a heart attack. It was suggested in a study by Dr Doghramji that people with sleep apnea twice as likely to have heart attacks, compared to those that don’t.


Long term snoring can cause you to have Arrhythmias or irregular heart rhythm. Atrial fibrillation, which is the most common form of Arrhythmias is experienced more by people with sleep apnea about twice the normal frequency compared to people who don’t have sleep apnea.


Long term snoring can cause you to have Arrhythmias or irregular heart rhythm. Atrial fibrillation, which is the most common form of Arrhythmias is experienced more by people with sleep apnea about twice the normal frequency compared to people who don’t have sleep apnea.


Gastro esophageal reflux disease, or GERD is a common condition in people who snore. This is because of the pressure changes that is created in the way their throat open and closes when air moves in. this causes contents in their stomachs to be sucked back into the esophagus.

Mental health problems

Snoring on its own can cause depression and even sleep anxiety for the snorer. Now when we look at the physical toll that snoring takes on the snorer, it could further increase the risks of developing a serious depression as a result of crankiness and lack of sleep.

Physical dangers

Daytime tiredness and sleepiness is one major thing that can put snorers in mortal danger. Especially when driving. The sleepiness could get so much that you start dozing behind the wheel. This might not just put you in danger but also put your passengers (probably your family and friends) in danger.


Because you usually don’t get enough sleep when you snore, you are more likely to get headaches which could be complicated by your bed partner’s complaints about your snoring.


Snorers are more likely to wake up to use the bathroom at least twice in a night. When this happens frequently, it is called nocturia which might lead to loss of bladder control in some people.

Lower sexual satisfaction

Some people, especially older males, are so affected by their snoring that they tend to lose interest in sex completely. Studies have shown that these men are often physically okay, but one way or the other, they report lower sexual satisfaction. And the only explanation for this could be linked to either emotional problems from their snoring or the general tiredness they experience daily as a result of sleep deprivation.

Fetal complications

Snoring in the case of pregnant women may be due to weight gain, especially in the last trimester. But then, Snoring can cause fetal complications in the last trimester of pregnancy. As sleep interruption is capable of affecting almost every aspect of a person’s health, including the fetus in the case of a pregnant woman.

From what you have experienced by yourself as a snorer, and the potential health risks you are exposed to as a result, you are well aware that snoring is a condition that should not be taken lightly.

The snoring solution

snoring solution how-it-works

Do you want to enjoy your night and sleep like a baby? To wake up feeling very refreshed, confident and ready to take on the challenges of the day? Do you want to save yourself from the shame, embarrassment, and the health risks associated with snoring?

Or do you want to wake up to see your snoring partner sleeping so peacefully and quietly for the first time in a long time?

Then, this is the one quick fix, and the only solution you need to be able to stop snoring right now and sleep better tonight!

There are actually a number of things you can try to help you reduce your snoring. Thinks like losing weight, exercising, quit smoking, quit drinking, changing your sleep position…all of these could work, but only in the long term. And you have to be super-dedicated to this new lifestyle if you want to see any significant changes in your snoring habit.

But what if I told you that you can actually stop snoring tonight without having to do any of the above? They are great things to do to help you stay healthy, but they cannot stop you from snoring this night. What could stop you from snoring tonight is getting My snoring solution jaw supporter today.

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